Axe falls on HS2 to Manchester

The Prime Minister has told the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester that HS2 will not be built north of Birmingham.

► Scrapping Manchester leg will save £36 billion
► High Speed line to be replaced by a new Network North
► Phase 1 will be completed, and go to Euston, but …
► HS2 Ltd to be stripped of responsibility for Euston development

He said: ‘I am ending this long-running project. We will invest £36 billion in new transport projects in the Midlands and North, that will make a real difference across our nation.’

Mr Sunak said HS2 to Manchester would be replaced by a new Network North

‘With our new Network North, you will be able to get from Manchester to the new station in Bradford in 30 minutes. Sheffield in 42 minutes, and to Hull in 84 minutes on a fully, electrified line.’

The new Midlands Rail Hub will also go ahead, along with extensions to West Midlands Metro. Main roads will also be upgraded.

He added: ‘East West links are more important.’

He also reassured his audience that Phase 1 of HS2 will be completed, and that it will include London Euston.

A Euston Development Zone will be created, taking responsibility for the Euston development away from HS2 Ltd. 

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